The Money Masters - Full Length Documentary

The Money Masters - Full Length Documentary

Let's look at how the banking system works. Bill Still lays out the history of banking in this comprehensive documentary.  It is an older report but do not let that fool yah. The history is solid and well documented. 

Posted by Congo Milk Dog

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Banks Owned and Controlled Privately

Most people do not know or take the time to look at how the world's money supply is controlled.  When we talk to people in the US and UK most folks think the Federal Reserve or Bank of England are controlled by the government of each country.  That these countries regulate and print the money interest free.  That is not TRUE the Federal Reserve and Bank of England are privately owned and controlled.  The respective governments bougher money from these banks @ interest.  Do you ever wonder why our taxes are so high!  We are paying a majority of our Taxes to interest of the money our government has borrowed from these privately owned banks.  Do you think we will ever pay off this debt?