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Enema Bandit
Michael H. KenyonFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFor the crime novelist, see Michael Kenyon.Michael Hubert Kenyon (born c. 1944[1] in Elgin, Illinois) is an American criminal nicknamed the Enema Bandit. He pleaded guilty to a decade-long series of armed robberies of female victims, some of which involved sexual assaults in which he would give themenemas. He is also known as the "Champaign Enema Bandit," the "Ski Masked Bandit", and "The Illinois Enema Bandit".[2]Attacks and conviction[edit]The earliest attacks Kenyon was acc..
Conspiracy Theories
As a conspiracy theory, the term New World Order or NWO refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government.[3][4][5][6][7] The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive power elite with aglobalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government—which will replace sovereign nation-states—and an all-encompassing propaganda whose ideology hails the establishment of the New World Order as t..
Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page on guitars, Led Zep and Robert Plant  (Full Length)
Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page on guitars, Led Zep and Robert Plant - Full Length ..
Jerry Garcia - The Movie That Changed My Life
Jerry Garcia - The Movie That Changed My Life ..
Jerry Garcia-Steven Marcus Interview 10-14-1986
Jerry Garcia-Steven Marcus Interview 10/14/1986 @ GDTS..
Jerry Garcia - Interview 4-28-1995
Jerry Garcia - Interview 4/28/1995..
Jerry Garcia Interview The History of Rock N Roll
Jerry Garcia Interview "The History of Rock 'N' Roll"..
JFK "The President and the Press" (full version)
The JFK speech called "The President and the Press," Before The American Newspaper Publishers Association, 27 April 1961..
Bohemian Club
The Bohemian Club's all-male membership and guest list includes artists, particularly musicians, as well as many prominent business leaders, government officials(including U.S. presidents), senior media executives, and people of power.[3][4] Members may invite guests to the Grove although those guests are subject to a screening procedure. A guest's first glimpse of the Grove typically is during the "Spring Jinks" in June, preceding the main July encampment. Bohemian club members can schedule private day-use events at the Grove any time it is not being used for Club-wide purposes, and are allowed at these times to bring spouses, family and friends, though female and minor guests must be off the property by 9 or 10 pm.[5]
Banks Owned and Controlled Privately

Most people do not know or take the time to look at how the world's money supply is controlled.  When we talk to people in the US and UK most folks think the Federal Reserve or Bank of England are controlled by the government of each country.  That these countries regulate and print the money interest free.  That is not TRUE the Federal Reserve and Bank of England are privately owned and controlled.  The respective governments bougher money from these banks @ interest.  Do you ever wonder why our taxes are so high!  We are paying a majority of our Taxes to interest of the money our government has borrowed from these privately owned banks.  Do you think we will ever pay off this debt?

Reflections And Warnings - An Interview With Aaron Russo (Full Film)
Reflections And Warnings - An Interview With Aaron Russo {Full Film}In an historic final interview, filmmaker and music promoter Aaron Russo goes in depth on the insider-knowledge given to him by a member of the Rockefeller family. Russo was told-- prior to 9/11-- of plans to stage terror attacks, invade foreign nations, and kickstart a high-tech police state control grid that would track the populations' every move with implantable RFID microchips.This information-packed presentation is filled with never-before seen footage. Throughout the film, Alex Jones breaks down the latest activities of..
9-11 Documentary
One must look at all the information out there before making a judgment .  Take a look at this video from start to finish then go do research on things you find interesting...
Frank Zappa a pioneer of Future Music (video documentary)
Frank Zappa (VIDEO) A pioneer of Future Music (video documentary)..
Freddie Mercury - Documentaries
Freddie Mercury - Documentaries..
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